About us

24 Paws is a dog bed company founded by me and my 5 incredible rescue dogs (the girls: Schatzi, Piccolia, Bambi, Aurora and our big boy: Major).  There is also almost always a foster dog from the local shelter in the mix of our dog pack, looking for their forever home.  That equals 24 paws that we are happily caring for at any given time.

You could say my dogs invented these beds or at least the need for them.  24 Paws deliver more than the average daily wear and tear on dog beds. We have invested in every sort of dog bed to keep our pack comfortable.  While many beds do the job, they all eventually wear out in a short period of time and need replacement.  We also grew tired of flattened cushions and difficulty to launder them.  Over time we modified many store bought beds to suit our needs.  To no avail, they all lost their fluff, color and effectiveness.  

In our house we value designer taste, trends, colors and of course a little bit of fun, especially when it comes to our dogs! I started to make beds for own use and found improvements to be made at every turn.  After all, my 5 plus pups are excellent judges and test audience. 

What you find in our exclusive collection that sets us apart from other dog beds are: 

  • Festive, dazzling, colors and prints
  • Easy Care 
  • Durable, fade, stain and water resistant
  • Repels shedding fur
  • Waterproof pillow inserts with superb memory foam support and comfort
  • Mix, match and change bed covers easily and affordably

GIVING BACK is one of the most valued aspects of 24 Paws. We treasure all dogs, especially the homeless, neglected and forgotten ones in shelters.  We are proud to support local efforts to help the most at risk dogs in our local animal shelter.  We are privileged to donate 10% of all sale proceeds to The Palm Beach Shelter Dog Project. 

Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy our collection.


Terri and "The Pack"